rosa clemente speaks

back on track. rosa asks the house to play some hip hop music before her speech. rosa acknowledges her family friends and supporters including her husband and young daughter. and rosa thanks her friend jared ball. and a list of wbai producers. thanks to best radio network …pacifica. coila clark on stage was a professor […]

Vote for the Green Party Vice Prez

Go to the poll here. (Then, scroll down on right hand side.) I think it would be wonderful sometime, if the Green Party of the United States created rules that allowed for an actual vote for the Vice Presidential candidate. But, alas, that is not yet the case. And, this year, since the Presidential Convention […]

Who will be the Green Party Vice Presidential candidate in ’08?

Green Party VP Poll here. KW: This whole post is thanks to Green Party Watch. They put up a post speculating on who the Green Party Vice Presidential candidate might be, and received over 30 comments. I collected every mention and put them on this list. In a couple of days, I will turn this […]

Green Party Presidential contest – delegate vote count

There is a running tally at the national party web-site, The Green Party of the United States will choose its presidential candidate at its Presidential Convention on Saturday, July 12th, in Chicago, Illinois. 419 votes are needed to win the nomination 2008 Green Party Presidential Nomination Delegate Count current tally as of June 13th, […]

Cynthia McKinney honors Malcolm X

Brief notes and two photos below. Video of interview from the same day is here. Above: Cynthia McKinney exchanges ideas and information with a fan. Public Access Producer Terry Morrone and I drove into New York City to see Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney. Former Congressperson McKinney was speaking as part of a panel […]

GP Prez hopeful Cynthia McKinney: Yet another call for election integrity NYC 2/21/08

Hello Friends: I’m on the road again with trips to DC and to New York City. In DC I’ll be fundraising at several locations and showing the film American Blackout on Howard University’s campus. In New York City I will be at the Audubon Ballroom, the infamous location of Malcolm X’s murder. In Washington, DC:  […]

Green Party: DC Primary and other presidential dreams

Posted by Kimberly: Just thinking about dreams. Sometimes, in a small party–with lots of work to do, and not enough money–you get so busy building things, dealing with problems and dealing with the present, you forget about the hopeful things and the future. Even though I am disappointed that we do not have Green Party […]

Updated: Unofficial Green Party Primary returns

As of Noon: We’re at 95.9% of the primary results now in California: Kent Mesplay (Grn) 564 2.0 % Jared Ball (Grn) 444 1.6 % Jesse Johnson (Grn) 506 1.8 % Kat Swift (Grn) 843 3.0 % Ralph Nader (Grn) 16,835 61.1 % Elaine Brown (Grn) 1,259 4.6 % Cynthia McKinney (Grn) 7,124 25.9 % […]

Green Party Primary Coverage: anecdotes and analysis

My quick overview of the Green Party primaries:

Where to find CA Green Party Primary returns

The California Secretary of State posts updated results the state elections web-site: President Green 84.5% ( 19550 of 23109 ) precincts reporting as of Feb 6, 2008, at 3:29 a.m. Statewide Results Candidate Votes Percent Kent Mesplay (Grn) 514 2.1 % Jared Ball (Grn) 393 1.6 % Jesse Johnson (Grn) 452 1.8 % Kat […]

Green Party Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

If you are looking for Green Party Super Tuesday Primary result try here: Green Party Primary Coverage: anecdotes and analysis Unofficial Green Party Primary returns Where to find CA Green Party Primary returns Green Party Primary: In the news The final decision about who receives the Green Party U.S. Presidential nomination will be made at the Green Party’s Annual […]

Green Party: Elaine Brown withdraws from GP Prez race

From Kimberly: It is so difficult to discuss race. It is so difficult to acknowledge that one has white privilege, and some internalized stereotypes about race. I am posting the article below, because I think it addresses concerns about race and fairness in the Green Party in a kind of balanced way. I am finally […]

CA Green Party debate in San Francisco

Cynthia McKinney just before the Green Party Presidential Candidates Debate in San Francisco. Photo by Robert B. Livingston. Little bits and pieces of news coming from the Green Party Presidential Debate in San Francisco last night. Heard that Amy Goodman from Democracy Now! was there, and I think it might be worth waiting for her […]

Video: MN Green Party Presidential Forum

The Green Party of Minnesota held a Green Party Presidential Forum in Minneapolis. Below is a video with audio from a local radio station, and video of the event from local green Allan Hancock. The video is of candidates Jesse Johnson and Kat Swift who spoke, with archival footage and comments about Green Party Presidential […]