Jones Beach over-development update: Trump hearing

Congratulations to Newsday for interesting coverage of this story here. (There’s actually a great visual of the affected area, which makes you appreciate the natural resources.)

excerpts of reporting by BILL BLEYER |
March 4, 2008

…The meeting room for the long-awaited hearing at the Cradle of Aviation in East Garden City holds 300, but people were being turned away Tuesday even before the previously scheduled start time,which was 11 a.m. at the Cradle of Aviation in East Garden City.

At least 30 people remained in a spill-over area…Another 30, with no where left to sit, left.

The Donald’s Trump on the Ocean catering hall/restaurant is before a state review board because it needs a variance from the state building code to be constructed at Jones Beach. Trump needs a variance because his building would have a basement, and those are not allowed in floodplains…

The board at Tuesday’s hearing was also different. Three of its original five members recused themselves in the past week or so. The state won’t say why…

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