Top 10 Reasons Obama Wiretapped Trump

10. Trump joined the drumming circle at Occupy Wall Street 9. One of Trump’s children Opted-Out of Common Core Standardized Tests. 8. Another one of Trump’s children Opted-Out of Military Recruitment for 7th to 12th graders.

Dr. Jill Stein on why the recount matters in USA Today

Dr.  Jill Stein: Our electoral system is under increasing threat. There is nothing more important to our American way of life than our democracy. The lifeblood of this nation is the principle that each citizen’s vote is equal when it comes to choosing our president. But in the age of computerized voting machines and unprecedented […]

Dr. Jill Stein explains the recount on The View

Great interview with Jill Stein explaining the hows and whys of the recount effort. Disappointed with Whoopi at the end ambushing Stein with the falsity that she has done nothing over the last 4 years and not letting Stein have time to respond to explain Stein’s activism in the last 4 years and the media blackout up through the election, including from the The View.

Trump on the Ocean is Ended!!!

For all the tragedy Hurricane Sandy caused in so many people’s lives, it did bring the NY State Parks Department and — even more amazingly — Donald Trump to their senses.

Still fighting to keep Donald Trump’s big plans from Our Jones Beach!

Kimberly writes: I was getting worried. For several years, a group of activists had been set against Donald Trump’s over-big plans for a catering hall at Jones Beach. I believe the man wants to build a huge basement in this building that would be on the beach. In addition, he has a lot of plans […]

Call the Attorney General to Stop “Trump on the Ocean”

    Friends of Jones Beach, You may be aware that a recent opinion of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York has given a victory to Donald Trump in his attempt to build his huge complex (restaurant, catering hall, souvenir shop) along the boardwalk of Jones Beach. Nevertheless, the Attorney General, […]

How Donald Trump thinks…(how capitalism fails to produce wealth)

Donald Trump’s comments resonate with: the false optimism of a Bernie Madoff sales pitch; the economic confusion of a housewife who thinks she saved money by buying something she doesn’t need at 30% off; the precarious financial strategy of the derivatives market; the false belief that America’s corporate socialist culture is actually capitalism. I think […]

Does Trump have enough money to fund his Jones Beach project?

Many people in Long Island are opposed to Donald Trump’s proposal to build a huge catering hall at Jones Beach. An article in cityfile suggests the project may be failing. And, also that Donald Trump is worth a lot less money than most people think. (Also, note that Trump Magazine has failed.)

Typical corporate welfare (and attitude): Trump behind on taxes at Jones Beach

If you are interested in protecting the interests of the community as Donald Trump pushes through his over-sized, monstrous, elite and exclusive, corporate welfare project for Jones Beach, consider getting in touch with local activists Patricia Friedman and/or Jim Brown. There is a web-site with some background and contact info at: (excerpt from) Newsday […]

Keep Our Jones Beach For The People: Stop Donald Trump’s monstrosity

From Jim Brown: Friends, For some unfathomable reason the New York State Parks Department and a local judge seem to have caved in to Donald Trump. But we should not despair–justice is on our side.

Trump at Jones Beach Project: An Outrage

(excerpt from) Newsday Trump, officials compromise on Jones Beach project BY BILL BLEYER Donald Trump and New York parks officials have agreed on a compromise proposal for his stalled Jones Beach catering hall and restaurant, but it won’t end the developer’s lawsuit against the state over delays in the project… But opponents of the project […]

Pat Friedman is a hero in Scotland (and Donald Trump is a sort of villian)

For more information about the good work Pat Friedman is doing go to from Newsday: Scotland sees woman fighting Trump on Ocean as local hero (Link broken as of 11/18/2012. Checking soon.) Patricia Friedman, of Garden City South, said she was surprised by media attention from major Scots outlets Patricia Friedman, a Garden City […]

Jones Beach over-development update: Trump hearing

Congratulations to Newsday for interesting coverage of this story here. (There’s actually a great visual of the affected area, which makes you appreciate the natural resources.) excerpts of reporting by BILL BLEYER | March 4, 2008 …The meeting room for the long-awaited hearing at the Cradle of Aviation in East Garden City holds 300, […]

Trump Jones Beach hearing 2/4/08 cancelled

Fellow Greens, The hearing scheduled for this Monday, Feb. 4th in Mineola has been canceled as being moot. The building permit meeting originally scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 5th to decide on Trump’s basement in the floodplain will not take place upstate in Westchester, but rather on Long Island. The date and time of this key hearing are also being changed. […]