Satec Dry Cleaning is NOT Organic

I had stopped using the Dry Cleaner I found in Copiague because they were sold and the new owners took down the signs advertising CO2 Dry Cleaning methods.

I was very disappointed to try out dry cleaners in Amityville & North Babylon that had posters in their windows advertising Organic Dry Cleaning but found out that they use Satec machines which are hydrocarbon-based. Co-op America says that “Hydrocarbon cleaning methods are not green at all. Hydrocarbon is a petroleum-based solvent and carries all the environmental concerns of petroleum, including the fact that it’s a major source of greenhouse gases. Some hydrocarbon cleaners claim their methods are ‘organic,’ which Sinsheimer says is misleading. ‘It’s the same thing as petroleum,’ he says. ‘It’s also a VOC, though it’s not as toxic as perc.'”

So ended up going back to the Farmingdale Dry Cleaner that Beth Fiteni of Neighborhood network originally recommended to me. Holiday Park Cleaners, 1025 Fulton St, Farmingdale, NY11735 (631) 694-6954, uses Rynex, a non-carcinegenic, non-hazardous waste cleaning solution.

If all these different dry cleaning methods leave your head spinning, as it does mine, Co-Op America has a handy-dandy wallet card in a PDF format.

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  1. I am an expert in the field of equipment. Satec is merely a brand of machines and does not reflect on the chemicals used. Organic chemistry only means that it is based on carbon and for the most part petroleum. Organic solvents in dry cleaning are: Perchloroethylene, Hydrocarbon AKA DF2000, Rynex, DrySolv, Solvon K4, and some others. Non-organic are: Water, GreenEarth, CO2, Organic in chemistry has nothing in common with organic foods etc.
    Rynex is Organic chemistry and is based on petroleum products. Hydrocarbon is also “organic”.

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