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With the help of the Issues Program Director Beth Fiteni from Neighborhood Network, I was able to find Holiday Park Cleaners, 1025 Fulton St, Farmingdale, NY11735 (631) 694-6954, who use Rynex, a non-carcinegenic, non-hazardous waste cleaning solution. The bonus is that their prices are similar to other dry cleaners, and the service very personable.

from Co-op America

Green “Dry” Cleaning

Dry cleaning or wet cleaning? Liquid CO2 or GreenEarth? Here’s the lowdown on which dry cleaning methods are best for people and the planet.

If you are like many Americans, you’re bound to have a few items around the house that can’t be laundered in the weekly wash. And while you may have detected the faint whiff of chemicals when you picked up your freshly dry cleaned sweater last week, perhaps you didn’t think much of it. But it’s something to be concerned about.

If you’ve ever taken your clothes to a professional dry cleaner, the likelihood that they were cleaned with dangerous chemicals is quite high. Fortunately, there are ways to clean clothes bearing a “Dry Clean Only” label without harming workers, putting toxins into the environment, or bringing dangerous chemicals into your home.

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  1. We’ve been putting together a list of alternatives to perc on our website, (still in beta). Please feel free to add some. I’ve added Holiday Park Cleaners, and I will need to add Rynex to the list of methods. You can map locations by address, state or zip in the USA. Hope you find it useful…

  2. […] ended up going back to the Farmingdale Dry Cleaner that Beth Fiteni of Neighborhood network originally recommended to me. Holiday Park Cleaners, 1025 Fulton St, Farmingdale, NY11735 (631) 694-6954, uses Rynex, a […]

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