GP Canada: Don’t deport war resisters

Don’t deport war resisters, say Greens to Harper

The Green Party is outraged that Cory Glass, an Iraq war resister from America seeking refuge in Canada , is slated for deportation. Should Mr. Glass be deported, he will be the first Iraq war resister to receive such treatment.

“Canada should be welcoming Americans who flee to our country to escape Bush’s illegal war in Iraq,” said Green Party leader Elizabeth May. “In accordance with a motion passed by the House of Commons Citizenship and Immigration Committee, conscientious objectors and their immediate family members should be granted refuge in Canada.”

Ms. May noted that the United Nations Handbook on Refugees clearly states that soldiers who refuse
to take part in wars condemned by the international community must be considered refugees.

“Mr. Harper should intercede to stop Mr. Glass from being deported and should prevent any future
attempts to deport Americans who cannot, in good conscience, participate in the Iraq war.”

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