Libertarian Prez candidate: It’s Bob Barr!

Up-to-the-minute on C-Span: here. (

Also, lots of coverage at Third Party Watch.

Update: May 25th at 5:43pm: The Libertarian Presidential Candidate for 2008 will be Bob Barr. The vote got down to Mary Ruwart and Bob Barr, and they just called it for Bob Barr. Now they will be deliberating on their Vice Presidential candidate.

Very interesting that Mike Gravel is out of the race for Libertarian Presidential candidate. Mike Gravel was running as a Democratic contender. He attracted the attention of a lot of greens (and endorsed a certain candidate in the Green Party field). Wonder what Gravel’s next step is in this race?

Here is an update as the Libertarians vote:

From the Ledger-Enquirer:

<<<<Libertarian Party meets to nominate presidential candidate
The Associated Press —

Libertarians have reduced their field of presidential candidates to three after four rounds of voting at the Party’s national convention in Denver.

The remaining candidates are former Georgia congressman Bob Barr, Mary Ruwart, and Wayne Root.>>>

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