Hank Stone, Partial Capos, & Wartime Bride 7/18/08

Hope everyone’s summer is going along swimmingly (or hikingly, or tanningly) and especially musically. Now, I know that nobody’s seen me perform lately, as I have taken a short hiatus from performing, while I am busy recording my second CD.
So, here are two chances to catch my act, which includes many of my new songs, some of which feature the weird capos you may have been hearing about. For those of you with little musical knowledge, capos are like clamps on the guitar neck, which change the length and tension of some or all of the strings. The  new ‘partial’ capos I have been using alter the sound in exciting ways and open up new avenues for composition. Check out what I mean at these shows:
Friday July 18, 7:30pm to 10:30pm
The Spoon Cafe
125A South Wellwood Avenue
Lindenhurst, NY
just south of Hoffman & the LIRR
631 957-7666
good food too!
Sunday July 27, 5:00pm to 10:00pm
Port Jefferson Village Center
101-A East Broadway
Port Jefferson, NY
benefit for Hope Children’s Fund,
with Wine Tasting, Buffet,
Crafts from Kenya, raffles
Presentation about the work of the fund,
which cares for AIDS-affected children in Meru, Kenya
Music by:
Jack’s Waterfall,
Hank Stone,
Caroline Rose,
David Edelstein
RSVP by contacting Larry Hohler at 631-473-1662,
or Kevin Mann at 631-924-4680.
(we are limited to 130 guests).
For directions, call the Village Center at 631-802-2160
also, please go to
and scroll down to #123.
Clicking on my song “Wartime Bride” will move it up in the standings.



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