Daily Greens Video: Malik Rahim, keynote speech


Malik Rahim has been part of grassroots efforts in New Orleans to rebuild after Katrina. Malik is now running for Congress in Louisiana. Malik Rahim’s keynote address to the Green Party Presidential Convention touches on the topics of: environmental justice; the war in Iraq; the way America treats its Veterans; the imperative of actions to save our country and the earth for future generations; and the power of a green movement which is global in its vision.

Malik Rahim was introduced on stage by Brenda Konkel, a Green Party elected official. Brenda will be running for her 5th term on the Common Council in Madison, Wisconsin. Brenda Konkel presents her thoughts on the importance of Green Party members serving in local offices.

The Green Party of the United States held its Presidential Convention in Chicago, Illinois on July 12, 2008. The Green Party nominated Cynthia McKinney for President and Rosa Clemente for Vice President.

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