Please help stop the war on Iran: Today! your call needed.

Please forward widely. An Action Alert from United for Peace and Justice.

Please make one phone call to stop war on Iran today:

Or, click here to look up the direct numbers for your representative’s DC and local offices.

Dear Friend,

Today, join the nationwide call-in day to make sure your member of Congress knows there is strong opposition to military action against Iran in his or her district.

Now, before any irreversible steps are taken, is the time for us to speak out against any U.S./Israeli military attack on Iran.

Call the Capitol Hill switchboard at 202-224-3121 or click here to look up the direct numbers for your representative’s DC and local offices.

Pressure on Congress is critical right now as it considers H.Con.Res. 362. Introduced by New York congressman Gary Ackerman, the resolution demands that President Bush “initiate an international effort” to impose a land, sea, and air blockade on Iran to prevent it from importing gasoline and to inspect all cargo entering or leaving Iran. Imposing such a blockade without UN authority could be widely construed as an act of war. As of today, 6 other NYC congressmembers have signed on as co-sponsors (joining a total of 219): Crowley, Engel, Fossella, Maloney, Towns, and Weiner.

To find out what upcoming actions for peace might be happening in your area, click here. If you plan an activity, please post it on the UFPJ events calendar so others can join you.

Yours, for peace and justice,

Leslie Cagan National Coordinator, UFPJ

Below is archival video that resonates with the above. My friend Susan June Blake (who died last year) gave a speech at the Long Island Peace Summit. In the speech, she warns about war with the Iran, and asks activists to focus on preventing it. Somehow, the fact that the seeds of war exist for all that time, and that much of it is a long-laid plot of shaping public opinion and laying down strategy, make me see how naive it is to think we go to war because of imminent danger or pressing need. Susan is very insightful and the video is worth watching on a variety of levels. ~Kimberly


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