War-free Wednesdays photos

They honor it by standing vigil at local train stations during morning rush hour to end current US wars and stop future US wars.

Prez cand Stein (G): Obama’s own Iran statements are “loose talk of war”

Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein said today she opposes the escalating efforts by President Obama and some members of Congress to push the United States toward war against Iran

Where to go from Wikileaks? The Peace Movement Responds « Dandelion Salad

A pull quote from the article: We have long known that the war on terrorism was increasing, rather than diminishing, terrorism.  These leaks show Saudi Arabia to be the greatest sponsor of terrorism, and show that nation’s dictator, King Abdullah, to be very close to our own government in its treatment of prisoners.  He has […]

To follow updates on election protests in Iran

We have not been following the situation in Iran closely. But, found some suggestions about where to go for ongoing coverage: The Guardian UK blog: http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/blog/2009/jun/16/iran-uprising Twitter: http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23IranElection

Story about a black market nuclear network

KW: In such a complicated story as nuclear proliferation, I am sure there are bad guys all around, and a spin on the story. Still, something important happening in the world. So, sharing the story from USA Today as a starting point. (excerpt from) USA Today United States sanctions those connected to nuclear scientist WASHINGTON […]

Please help stop the war on Iran: Today! your call needed.

Please forward widely. An Action Alert from United for Peace and Justice. Please make one phone call to stop war on Iran today: Or, click here to look up the direct numbers for your representative’s DC and local offices. Dear Friend, Today, join the nationwide call-in day to make sure your member of Congress knows […]

Susan June Blake: Predictions on Iran (Oct. 2007)

It has great meaning for me that I had a dream about my friend and colleague Susan Blake last night. And, when I woke up, the first news of the day was UFPJ urging us to stop a war with Iran. I have archival video of Susan at the Long Island Peace Summit in October […]

Summer 2008 Stop the War Long Island Mall Tour 7/26/08

Summer 2008 Stop the War Long Island Mall Tour–Roosevelt Field Mall***Sat-July 26 2:00PM Join Suffolk Peace Network at the Roosevelt Field Mall .We will gather on the sidewalk along Old Country Road across from the Mall. (You can take Meadowbrook Parkway north from either Sunrise H or Southern State Parkway to Old Country Rd —go […]

Green Party on impeachment & other Dems/Repubs failures

Greens at Chicago Convention will discuss impeachment, telecom immunity, and other issues on which Democrats and Republicans have violated the public trust Green Party leaders, preparing for the 2008 Green National Convention in Chicago (July 10-13), say that the convention will be a public forum for discussion of impeachment and other major issues on which […]

War Legislation in Both Houses – message from Bill McNulty

Friends, This is the precursor to a repeat of the Iraq fiasco. The legislation is presently in the ” agitation folder” , utilized by the those legislators who sense the tone and temper before acting. Their present thinking is summarized by their statement that it should go through like a hot knife through butter. The […]

The Treasures From The PeaceSmiths Archives

From Kimberly: The Wilderside and PeaceSmiths are two very separate entities. Though, I am currently working on both. And, I really, really want to share the fun things I have been doing at the PeaceSmiths, Inc. web-site. Since Susan Blake passed away in October, I have been sifting through the archives with teams of PeaceSmiths […]

Amensty Int’l Success 2007

The past year was filled with important victories and heart-breaking setbacks in the struggle for human rights. But one thing is clear — working with you, Amnesty International will never relent in the face of cruel human rights abuses. Let’s build the movement into the New Year!Watch a video of Amnesty’s memorable moments of 2007. […]

Move On invades Iran

Am I the only person who sees something wrong with this question form a Move On survey? 6. Stop the Bush administration from taking military action against Iran without seeking Congressional authority first Hello!  How about lopping off the end of the question so it reads:  Stop the Bush administration from taking military action against […]