Cynthia McKinney makes her debut in national prez polling

I am impressed that a national poll included the Green Party candidate, especially since we have a new candidate, not the one the press is used to.

I think it is a credit to the Green Party, and to Cynthia McKinney’s name recognition, that she was only nominated by the Green Party a few weeks ago, and she is in the race already…

Found this information by going to, which links to

CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll. July 27-29, 2008

McCain = 42%

Obama = 46%

Nader = 6%

Barr= 3%

McKinney = 1%

Cynthia McKinney is trying to get on the ballot in various states, and trying to meet fundraising goals for matching funds. Please consider getting involved. The time is ripe.

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