DuWayne Gregory wins for Suffolk County Legis., 15th District

We did not do much in this race. It is too difficult for Greens to get on the ballot, no less in special elections, where things are set up great for the major parties to win. Still, it is political news in Long Island. Thanks to www.631politics.com for reminding me that it was election day.

Below is the chart from the Suffolk County Board of Elections which shows the results. Perhaps the most interesting is to see which third party lines people took the time to vote on:

Candidate Party Votes


GREGORY, DUWAYNE Democratic 1,431 43.79% 43.79%
Independence 123 3.76% 3.76%
Working Families 76 2.33% 2.33%
Total 1,630 49.88% 49.88%
WHITE, EDWARD F For The People 1,093 33.45% 33.45%
WILSON JR, JORDAN K Republican 398 12.18% 12.18%
Community 110 3.37% 3.37%
Total 508 15.54% 15.54%
MOLINARO, LOUIS Conservative 37 1.13% 1.13%

Chart summary:

Notice that with the winner-take-all voting system (which most places in America use), the winner did not even receive the approval of a majority of voters.

DuWayne Gregory received 1,431 votes on the Democratic line, 123 votes on the Independence line and 76 on the Working Families line, for a total of 1,630 votes and 49.88%. Ed White received 1,093 votes on his “invented” independent line “For the People”, for a total of 33.45%, a good showing for an independent line. Jordan Wilson, who is registered Democrat, received 398 votes on the Republican line and 110 on the “invented” independent line “Community”, for a total of 508 votes and 15.54%. Louis Molinaro-whose single issue in past campaigns has been to bring gambling to Long Island – received 37 votes on the Conservative line, for a total of 1.13%.

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