Updated: Wed. 8/6: Hip-Hop Celebrity and Green Party VP Rosa Clemente in NYC

For the thousands of people who will not be attending the Wed. August 6th Babylon Green Party meeting at the Pisces Cafe in Babylon, where we will show a one-of-a-kind highlight reel and give an eyewitness account of the Green Party Presidential Convention in Chicago…

Please go to “Public Assembly” in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
to see
Rosa Clemente
the Green Party Vice Presidential candidate

Rosa Clemente is making a surprise visit to NYC to help boost our GPNYS petitioning effort as we head into the last 10 days!

Rosa Clemente will appear at :

Back room of Public Assembly in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (70 North 6th Street, former location of Galapagos) 718-782-5188
Wednesday, August 6
at 7pm
Closest Subway: L to Bedford Ave. Cross Streets: Wythe and Kent
Admission is free, with a suggested donation of $10.00


  • Hip-Hop Artist New York Oil, Rebel Diaz, Umi of P.O.W.
  • Poet, Hip-Hop/Reggaeton Artist, La Bruja
  • Activists, educators, and artists The Welfare Poets
  • Representatives of the The Welfare Poets
  • Representatives of Zulu Nation

Rosa A. Clemente: “We need all New Yorkers to come together to put the Green Party on the ballot in November. Together, we can ensure that everyone will be able to make a choice and cast a vote that counts. We are no longer the alternative, we are the Imperative.”

About Rosa Clemente:

Chuck D of Public Enemy says: “Rosa…speaks from the heart with truth, fire and passion. She is one of this generations’ most important political voices and community organizers.”

Rosa Alicia Clemente is a community organizer, journalist and Hip-Hop activist. Born and raised in the South Bronx she is a graduate of the University of Albany and Cornell University. A much sought after commentator, political activist, community organize and independent reporter, Rosa has been delivering workshops, presentations and commentary for over ten years.

Rosa’s academic work has been dedicated to researching national liberation struggles inside the United States, with a specific focus on the Young Lords Party and the Black Liberation Army. While a student at SUNY Albany, she was President of the Albany State University Black Alliance (ASUBA) and Director of Multicultural Affairs for the Student Association. At Cornell she was a founding member of La Voz Boriken, a social/political organization dedicated to supporting Puerto Rican political prisoners and the independence of Puerto Rico.

Rosa has written for Clamor Magazine, The Ave. magazine, The Black World Today, The Final Call and numerous websites. She has been the subject of articles in the Village Voice, The New York Times, Urban Latino and The Source magazines. She has appeared on CNN, C-Span, Democracy Now and Street Soldiers. In 2001, she was a youth representative at the United Nations World Conference against Xenophobia, Racism and Related Intolerance in South Africa and in 2002 was named by Red Eye Magazine as one of the top 50 Hip Hop Activists to look out for.

In 2003, Rosa helped formed and coordinate the first ever National Hip Hop Political Convention that drew over 3000 activists who came together to create and implement a national political agenda for the Hip-Hop generation. 10 days after Hurricane Katrina ravaged parts of the south, Rosa traveled to the areas as an independent journalist and her on the ground reports were reported on independent radio stations all over the world, including Air America, NPR, Pacifica Radio, Democracy Now, Indy media, Hard Knock Radio and many more independent and mainstream media outlets.

More words for Rosa A. Clemente…

Jessica Habie of Eyes Infinite Films says: “Rosa Clemente is a grassroots organizer of the most necessary kind. Known for speaking truth to power, she is unafraid and determined to carve a better path for her black and brown brothers and sisters.”

Davey D of Hip-hop site www.daveyd.com says: “Hip Hop activist Rosa Clemente is one of the few ‘non-mainstream journalist allowed into New Orleans where the flood waters and damage has occurred. She brings to us a heart-wrenching eye opening account of what’s really going on… She talks about the smell of death in the air and how things are much worse then we could ever imagine.”

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  1. Hopefully the youth of this generation listens to what Clemente has to say with great attention to detail, she is one of the top political activists out there today.

  2. […] Please go check out Rosa Clemente tonight in New York City. Rosa Clemente is running for Vice President on the Green Party ticket, with Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney. For details of Rosa’s appearance tonight, there is a previous post from wilderside below or go here. […]

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