Rosa Clemente: Makes the Huffington Post, and NYC club in same day!

The Huffington Post is a big staple for progressives. Not always so kind and open to greens. So, we appreciate when they give us a shout out. And, this was a good one. Excerpt from story today by Tamika Thompson over at the Huffington Post. Full story here.

Clemente said that it is now her goal to bring the young, African-American, Latino, working class and often voice-less members of the hip-hop community into the political arena by urging them to register and vote Green this fall.

“We’re asking to get 5 percent of the electorate so we can be at the table,” Clemente said. “There’s no reason that there’s only two parties at the table.”


Please go check out Rosa Clemente tonight in New York City. Rosa Clemente is running for Vice President on the Green Party ticket, with Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney. For details of Rosa’s appearance tonight, there is a previous post from wilderside below or go here.

The long and short is…catch a train now! You can catch Rosa Clemente and some of her Hip-Hop community LIVE! tonight in New York City. “Public Assembly” (Formerly Galapagos) in Brooklyn. At 7pm.
Includes several musicians and poets, including representatives from The Welfare Poets.

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