Vice Presidential Trivia

Vice Presidential Trivia as reported by Ballot Access News:

2008 is the first presidential election in U.S. history at which neither major party’s vice-presidential nominee was known as late as August 22

Presidential/Incumbency Trivia as posted on the Presidential Page at

For the first time since 1928, both major parties had open contests for the Presidential nomination without a sitting President or Vice President in the running.
(Note: I get a bunch of email telling me this is really only the first truly open contest since 1952 … but then-VP Alben Barkley did in fact seek the Democratic Presidential nomination. He ended his serious run after labor refused to back him because they thought he was too old, but Barkley continued on as a regional “favorite son” candidate. Thus, Barkley did run in 1952 — even if he found no success.)

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