Photos: nature and family time over Labor Day weekend

This weekend, Ian and I did some family sharing/babysitting time. We had a great time. One of our adventures took us to a tour sponsored by Atlantis Marine World and Blue Ocean Institute. The Atlantis Explorer Tour Boat is located in Riverhead. It takes you on a one-and-a-half hour educational tour of the Peconic River and Flanders Bay. Here are some photos. Notice the beautiful, aesthetically pleasing windmill. Ian and I hope to see more windmills generating power in Long Island.

Swans by our boat

Peconic River: Swans by our boat

Scenic Windmill

Peconic River: Scenic Windmill

Crested Cormorants drying out their wings

Peconic River: Crested Cormorants.

Disembarking on the beach

Atlantic Explorer: Disembarking on the beach

Horseshoe Crab shells

Atlantis Explorer Tour: Horseshoe Crab shells

Holding up crabs

Atlantis Explorer Tour: Educator/Guide holds up crabs

On the way to Riverhead:

Saw this interesting scene on the way to Riverhead. Trying to figure out what it is all about. Since I graduated from Sachem High School, I am uniquely interested in finding out the back story!

Sachem Graffiti

Beat up car: Sachem Graffiti

"Sachem Class of 2009 Bridal Suite"

Beat up car: Sachem Class of '09 Bridal Suite

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