GP VP Rosa Clemente and other Greens at RNC events in Minnesota

Posted to the Green Party of the United States Diversity Committee list-serve:

Rosa Clemente [Green Party Vice Presidential candidate, on the ticket with Cynthia McKinney] will be speaking at the March to the RNC to the End the War on Monday, Sept. 1st in St. Paul.  She will also be speaking at the beginning of the March for Our LIves, poor people’s march for economic justice on Tuesday Sept. 2nd and will appear at the Nader/Gonzales rally at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis on Thursday Night, Sept. 4th…

Lavender Green Delegate
From Minnesota.

[A p.s.] My home has not been raided like so many friends nor have I been detained or arrested.  I’ll be working the Green Party booth at the State Fair Sunday and Monday and so will not be able to attend Monday’s march for those of you who may be in town and wonder why your not seeing me!__._,_.__

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