GP VP Rosa Clemente and other Greens at RNC events in Minnesota

Posted to the Green Party of the United States Diversity Committee list-serve: Rosa Clemente [Green Party Vice Presidential candidate, on the ticket with Cynthia McKinney] will be speaking at the March to the RNC to the End the War on Monday, Sept. 1st in St. Paul.  She will also be speaking at the beginning of […]

Green Party of Minnesota Primary Results

Thanks to this blog, where I found the information: Results are posted at the Green Party of Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office Green Party Results # Districts Reported: 56 # Total Reporting Districts: 67 Percent Reported: 83.58% Total Votes: 187 Green Party United States President Candidate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTotals xxxxPct Jesse Johnsonxxxxxxx1xxxxx0.53% Cynthia McKinneyxx114xxxx60.96% Kent Mesplayxxxxxx10xxxxx5.35% […]