Change in patterns: The Nation mag asks to open debates!

Found this story at I think that the on-line version may not be available. I believe it is under the heading “Editors”. It is from the October 6, 2008 issues of The Nation. In the past, The Nation has not usually been kind to Nader or the Green Party. This article changes that…

Green Party Canada in the debates

…Canada’s television networks decided to exclude the leader of the country’s Green Party from nationally televised debates between the major party candidates competing in country’s Oct 14 election…Green leader Elizabeth May launched a national campaign urging Canadians to “relcaim democracy” by demanding a place in the debates. Canadians responded, dispatching emails, letters and calls to networks and the major-party leaders…the networks and major parties backed down, allowing May in.

We need a similar outcry in the US. Excluding Green nominee Cynthia McKinney, Libertarian Bob Barr, independent Ralph Nader and their running mates…is not just undemocratic; it will narrow the quality of the discourse in the upcoming presidential and vice presidential debates. Canada will have multiparty debates this fall. The US should as well.

This article written by John Nichols in current issue of The Nation p. 5

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  1. Time to accept a scripted Presidential “debate” yet again?
    Brought to you by your “good friends” on Wall Street.

    No USA Main Street Paul or Nader,
    nor Cynthia McKinney…

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