Death of The Nation | Dissident Voice

Then came 2006 when the Dems promised impeachment hearings against Bush for his wars should they win control of the House. The Nation urged us to vote Democratic, and when the hearings did not materialize silence on the issue fell over The Nation. John Conyers was the Democrat’s poster boy for the promise of impeachment, […]

Shouldn’t MoveOn Oppose Obama on Afghanistan?

The opinion piece: Shouldn’t MoveOn Oppose Obama on Afghanistan? (Initially posted using ShareThis) An opinion piece in The Nation, written by John Nichols. Excerpt: …Democratic leaders in Congress might have been willing to compromise with the Bush administration on Iraq back in 2002. But MoveOn said “no.” And MoveOn was right. Now, more than ever, […]

ML: Obama vs. Hope

from Matt Lavery: Both the “hope” and “change” elements of the Obama candidacy have been roundly debunked by thoroughgoing progressives (i.e. ones who don’t cave in on warrantless wiretapping, nuclear energy, continued/ ratcheted UP militarization, etc.), nowhere better than in Alexander Cockburn’s powerful “Against Obama” in the last The Nation of October (his too-quick slagging of Cynthia McKinney’s “5,000 […]

Change in patterns: The Nation mag asks to open debates!

Found this story at I think that the on-line version may not be available. I believe it is under the heading “Editors”. It is from the October 6, 2008 issues of The Nation. In the past, The Nation has not usually been kind to Nader or the Green Party. This article changes that…

An Opportunity to Open Presidential Debates: The Nation

An Opportunity to Open Presidential Debates – Yahoo! News Presidential debates should include all candidates who have qualified for a sufficient number of ballots lines to accumulate the electoral votes to be elected president. It is not all that easy getting on ballots. And those candidates who meet the standard — usually no more than […]