How to vote absentee in all states

For college students who attend school out-of-state, absentee voting may be the best way to vote.

For information on how to vote absentee (and deadlines! they are coming up), you could go to:

Here is the story behind this web-site. The web-site was created by a student at Emerson College:

(excerpt from)
Absentee Voting 101: Emerson student writes college primer
October 5, 2008

Aaron Bacon, a 20-year-old student at Emerson, says college students can get wrapped up in their everyday busy work, and voting may not be a priority. That is why he, along with six friends, created a website,, pushing absentee voting as the right way to vote.

Last spring, Bacon and his friends were talking about the upcoming election and about the reasons young people don’t go out to the polls as much in comparison with older people.

“So many times people register to vote, and Rock the Vote is good about registering people, but you can’t expect them to show up at the polls. It’s one day a year, and a narrow window of time for college students who still wake up at noon,” Bacon said.

After Google-searching about absentee voting, Bacon came to realize that the information was not readily accessible. has gathered all of the information needed and broken it down by state…

Here is the basic information for how to vote by absentee ballot in New York State. This is from the BeAbsentee web-site. At the web-site is more information and helpful links for NY State voting:


* The New York Mail in Ballot Application must be received by 10/28/2008
* New York Mail in Ballots must be postmarked by 11/3/08.


Call the State Board of Elections at 518-473-5086.

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