debate – what do these guys have against venezuela?

I get how we should stop relying on oil from the middle east. but why do we have to worry about the oil we get from venezuela? well I really know. I was just surprised the two corporate candidates were willing to act like it was obvious we have to release ourselves from the grip of venezuela. the reason is that hugo chavez the leader of venezuela is a leftist that the government here doesn’t want americans learning from. the green party respects hugo chavez. the nuclear issue was amazing. both corporate candidates will allow for nuclear. with no one else on stage it is like dunb and dumber, but as right wing and righter. as a green, with a party and candidate that says nonuclear, iwanted to cry or laugh because mccain accused that obama stands with the most extreme environmentalists saying we can only do nuclear if safe. obama did not answer. obama and mmcain are both funded by nuclear industry. this is the two party “good cop/bad cop routine at its worst. what was scariest was when McCain tried to demonstrate that nuclear is safe by a waving his hand in the air in a swoop as if it was easy and done already. please find some real answers. go to cynthia mckinney has a downloadable flier with her excellent environmental and energy policy on it. hehe people here are laughing again because he keeps talking about joe the plumber. mccain says that obama is for single payer. we wish! I could swear that they are in cahoots, because some of the people obama appeals to want to believe he will do single payer. again, obama is smart and witty. obama stole mccain’s shtick and obana is talking “to” joe the plumber. I think joe will get famous tomorrow. I will guess joe gets a tv show. ithink mccains joe game will backfire with public perception, but also joe might comment or switch sides. mccain is flubbing. he mixed up words. and now he sounded distant from those people like joe he is promising money to. I actually feel a little sorry for mccain. also ironic that there are parallels with vp debate. mccain is as shallow as palin. but also, palin had her “say it ain’t so, joe.” and mccains shtick is joe the plumber.

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