laughter at mccain and for obama

here at the hofstra screening we cheered when obama thanked hofstra. (i missed mccains opening). on one of these first interactions the moderayor said to mccain, do you want to ask him a question? mccain said no in a way like he could not be bothered. people here laughed out loud. then mccain did a silly one example about joe the plumber and tried to dig in to obama with a character obama had talked to. when obama said joe the plumber must be watching the mccain ads. much laughter here at the screening. obama is witty. mccain accused obama of class warfare. what a joke. we could only hope that democrats were for someonw besides the rich and corporations. obama voted for the bank bailout. we needed third party candidates to give some perspective here. this is the far right critiquing the right. cynthia mckinney was against the bailout. so was libertarian bob barr and nader. only these two were for the great bush giveaway.

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