To everyone who says “The Greens should run locally”: Tell CNN

Friends, colleagues, independents and fellow third party activists, please help.

CNN is giving no coverage to state and local Green Party campaigns. Please call them and complain.

The CNN Newsroom is: (212) 275-7800

Evidently, there are some races with one major party candidate and one Green, and CNN is reporting those races as the major party candidate running unopposed! Now, that is just a lie.

Please consider calling the CNN newsroom and very politely telling them that they should include every candidate on the ballot in their charts and their coverage. It is wrong and a lie to give the public lists with some candidates missing. (And, someday, someone will get the correct FEC complaint or lawsuit to show that by ignoring other candidates, corporations like CNN are giving material support to the corporate party or parties they are willing to cover.)

The CNN Newsroom is: (212) 275-7800

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