CNN and Yahoo report: Barack Obama wins the Presidency

The First Family

The First Family

Update: Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2009. Go to our home page for live blogging with regular updates. You can watch the Inauguration events live at C-Cpan: here.

KW: Looks like that’s it. The United States of America has an African-American President. (Which is really nice, and a step forward. Though, he is still a corporate duopolist who wants War in Afghanistan.)

I can’t decide if I even take time to celebrate.

Man, I am so excited about those adorable little girls in the White House.

But, peace demands vigilance. So, the absolute crankiness against the administration will have to begin…maybe tomorrow…(that’s in one hour.)

I am feeling largely relief. Probably because I am so tired and I can go to bed. But, also, because our country does not have to go through another Florida 2000 or Ohio 2004. Please, let it be easy this time. I think it was.

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