Jesse Johnson in West Virginia: Great campaign, but didn’t win

As I am a hopeless optimist, I have many big, exciting races I think the Green Party just, might win. One of them was Jesse Johnson. Well, he did not win for Governor of West Virginia. Though, he ran a good race and got a lot of great endorsements. It is frustrating that it is so difficult to get numbers on minor party candidates from the major media. See more about Jesse at read more.

This just in about results: Ballot Access News says that FOX has the best results from third parties in regards to the presidential race. Will go look over there…eeek!…am I allowed to hang out at FOX??????


Report of the winner in the West Virginia Governor’s race: here.

In West Virginia, Manchin, a former state lawmaker and secretary of state, defeated former Republican legislator Russ Weeks and Jesse Johnson, the Mountain Party’s nominee.


Great mention of issues in a simple election results story: here

Mountain Party candidate Jesse Johnson, of Charleston, was competing against Manchin for the second time, and called himself the only pro-environmental, anti-mountaintop removal, anti-death, pro-labor candidate.


List of Jesse Johnson endorsements from his web-site:


U.S. Senator Mike Gravel
Senator Charlotte Pritt (Former Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee)
Pat LaMarche (2004 GPUS Vice Presidential Nominee)
David Cobb (2004 GPUS Presidential Nominee)
Congress Woman Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente’
WV Sierra Club
WV Citizens Action Group
Meria Hellar (National Talk Show host)
Jim Fetzer (National Talk Show host)
Greg Jocoy (National Talk Show host)
Grand Mother Mechi Garza (Author, “The Gaia Connection”)
Steve Schafferman (Author, “Peaceful Positive Revolution”)
Ellen Brown (Author “Web of Debt”)
New River Voice

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  1. I checked out Fox’s coverage and they did show percentages for “other” more prominently than on other networks. I think this is their love of graphics.

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