Looks like Cindy Sheehan has a chance against Pelosi

Market Watch reports that some of Cindy Sheehan’s campaign workers have been harassed when trying to do perfectly legal canvassing (ie: outside of the circle near the polls, etc.)

Interestingly, Cindy Sheehan’s people have done informal exit polls, and they believe there is a chance that Cindy Sheehan can win. I think that would be a boon for the progressive and anti-war cause.

I think that it is par for the course that the stale old lefties at the Huffington Post write about Cindy Sheehan with disdain, and glorify the potential win of Democrat comedian Al Franken. (In an article by Chris Weigant.) When I first read a book by Al Franken I was so confused, I bought it thinking he was a progressive, but the man loves war.

P.S. Ha! Now, I truly hope Cindy wins. I will have to write a letter to Chris Weigant, who claims that Nancy Pelosi will “destroy” Cindy at the polls.

P.S.S. Cindy for Congress is one of the races we will watch closely and have lots to comment on.

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