Campus Camp Wellstone 11/7- 11/8/08

Long Island, NY: Campus Camp Wellstone: Hofstra University

Campus Camp Wellstone trains students nationwide on how to run energized, community building, winning campaigns. We focus on campus and community organizing and young voter engagement.

Campus Camp Wellstone is a 1.5 day training program held on college and university campuses around the country. Our program is non-partisan, and welcomes both seasoned activists and those who are completely new to progressive activism.

We focus on very concrete skills, like the nitty-gritty of campaign planning, coalition building, and message development. We also teach students how to successfully recruit and retain volunteers and develop new leadership.

Campus Camp Wellstone is both serious and exciting-serious because you’ll walk away with skills and tools for real-world campaigns, and exciting because it’s participatory, vibrant, and led by young trainers. Our trainers are leaders in community organizing, labor, and non-profit organizations.

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