ML: An open blogpost to the president-elect

Dear Mr. President-Elect,

You just closed your victory speech by referencing a 106 year-old Georgian woman and all the change she saw (and presumably, this year, voted for) in that time.  You asked what the world will look like for your daughters (those pretty girls Kimberly is so fond of) should they live to see the next century…My question, in the face of impending ecological catastrophe: what will the world look like IF they, IF any of us get to see the next century?

Mr. President, as you contemplate the historicity of your victory whilst reading this blog, I urge you–in what will likely be my last post of the night–to fully appreciate the urgency of this question.  I ask you to prioritize solving the ecological crises of global over-heat, toxic pollution, resource exploitation, and unsustainability over expanding our imperial reach over Afghanistan; over tough (albeit direct) talk with Iran; over encouraging contributions to your re-election campaign from big coal, big oil, the Israel-lobby, the nuclear industry, and FIRE financiers.

Your candidacy and election made history.  Now lead us through the greatest emergency in human history.

Cynthia McKinney would have.

Best Wishes

Matt Lavery

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