ML: Can we lobby Foley/ a D State Senate?

The Foley victory makes the State Senate a spilt in NY (have they won outright control?),  and I am reminded of a campaign call I received a couple of weeks ago from Foley’s campaign coordinator–who told me to send his well-wishes to Roger Snyder, whom he said he knows well.  In the brief and cordial conversation I had with him, he let it be known that he called me BECAUSE of my “other” party status…I can think of no better example of how we might wield influence in the upcoming new Senate than to constantly remind them that we are the “swingers” who voted them into office (like me on the Working Family line) when a 3rd Party Candidate wasn’t on the ballot.

Renewable energy (no NUKES!), mass-transit infrastructure, affordable housing–all of these are issues we must take up with our new state government while reminding them that we can put them out as quickly as we put them in.

[Ed’s Note, KW: “We” meaning “The Green Party”]

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