Ballot Access News: Wins and Losses for IRV/Alternative Voting Systems

Having Instant Runoff Voting (where voters can rank the candidate they choose in preference order) and other Alternative Voting Systems are better for third parties. IRV takes away the chance or idea that a third party could possibly spoil an election. IRV also has other merits of increasing democracy, eliminating the “winner-take-all” system, and usually causing candidates to discuss issues more and attack their opponents less.

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Voters Deal Mixed Messages on Alternative Voting Systems
November 5th, 2008

The voters of Cincinnati, Ohio, rejected Single-Transferable Vote by a margin of 46.5% to 53.5%.

The voters of Davis, California rejected a proposal to make Davis a charter city by 45.7% to 54.3%. If Davis were a charter city it would be free to implement its own system of electing city officials.

However, Instant Runoff Voting passed for city elections in Memphis, Tennessee, with 70%.

[And, Instant Runoff Voting] passed for city elections in Telluride, Colorado, with 67%.

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