View of the Obama Election: Bradley Thunderbird Phoenix

Bradley Thunderbird Phoenix

Bradley Thunderbird Phoenix

Bradley Thunderbird  Phoenix
November 5, 2008

I cried this morning when I learned Obama was elected…tears of joy.
I thank Almighty God that McCain did NOT win the presidency!

I haven’t felt this happy to be an American for 8 years!

Our problems are NOT over.  Neo-con and Nazi-crat thinking
still has to be challenged.

The “Axis of Evil” within our government are most likely planning
another manufactured crisis to rob us of more of our civil liberties…

The USA is a multi-ethnic, multi religious, and multi-cultural
nation.  Some die-hard right wingers from the “RED STATES” just
don’t want to understand that.

God bless,

Bradley Thunderbird  Phoenix

[Bradley Thunderbird Phoenix lives in Islip, Long Island. He does radio theater and other projects related to the spoken word.]

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