A McKinney voter gives 4 ideas on pressuring Obama to follow a radical agenda

from Planetsave

Attend his inauguration. Whether you want to take part in a bold demonstration or offer a polite reminder about issues that matter, his inauguration is the perfect setting to tell Obama what is important to you. Over a million people are potentially attending, and if the past is an indicator, most of these folks will of course be there to cheer him on 100%. A huge impact could be made, however, if even 10% of the people who turn up, whether they voted for Obama or not, are there to remind him of his obligations to the people.

Write to him on his new website. The President Elect website, which encourages everyone to tell Obama what issues matter to them, gives credibility to his claim that he intends to hear us all. Do not let party-line supporters be the only ones to take advantage of this. There are issues that matter to us that are not addressed in Obama’s platform. If you want to see a president include the Earth and animals in his agenda, here is your chance.

Take direct and indirect action, all year round. The biggest fear that radicals should have right now is that everyone who was politicized in the last year will think that their work is done. The time right after an election is one of the best times to take the streets. Your style might be to chain yourself to a tree, or it might be holding a sign outside of a polluter’s headquarters. A variety of tactics will be needed to demonstrate that we are not a people who wake up from apolitical slumber once every four years to punch some holes in a piece of paper.

Live a life consistent with your beliefs. While this is not a concrete action, having a green lifestyle that reduces unnecessary cruelty is more than just the most ethically way to conduct oneself. It is a strong political tool. The more people who can tell their representatives, on a local or national level, about the steps they take in their personal lives, the more clout we will collectively have when we ask the politicians “what are you waiting for?”. If the ethical lifestyles we lead can pressure a politician, especially one as high up as the president, to make positive lifestyle changes, then our collective power will be undeniable.

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