“No to Hate” Vigil Friday 11/14/08

Dear Friends,

It is with heavy hearts that we write to you this week. Last Saturday night 7 teenagers from Patchogue and Medford murdered Marcello Lucero. The assailants were specifically looking to inflict violence that night on “some Mexicans”. Marcello and his friend became their targets because they were Hispanic. This was a murder driven by hate and the 7 young men who inflicted this violence now stand trial for their hate crime. Long Island Wins’ sends our sincere and deepest sympathies to Marcello’s family.

Many of you have been touched by this story and have inquired about how you can show your support for the Lucero family. The Long Island Immigrant Alliance, Long Island Wins and many other community groups will be part of a candlelight vigil. .Please gather at the corner of Railroad Ave and Sephton St in Patchogue (behind the west side of the Patchogue Railroad Station) at 7pm on Friday November 14, 2008 for a vigil to remember Marcello Lucero and oppose acts of hate on Long Island. This is the LIRR Patchogue Station.

Please click the link to find the specific information on the train station and train times to the station. This vigil is in memory of Marcello Lucero. We look to come together as a community, fellow Long Islanders, to tell the world that we will not accept hate in our communities.

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday, November 12th at 9:00am, Nassau County Coordinated Agency for Spanish Americans, the Latino-Jewish Council and the Long Island American Jewish Committee are holding a community rally at the American Legion Hall at 215 South Ocean Avenue in Patchogue, with local elected officials including Legislator David Mejias, Howard Weitzman, Legislator Vivian Viloria-Fisher and others. To read AJC’s statement about the murder, click here: http://www.longislandwins.com/blog/in_the_news/ajc_condemns_hateinspired_murd.php. To read Governor David Patterson’s statement, click here: http://www.longislandwins.com/blog/in_the_news/governor_david_pattersons_stat.php.

We will continue to cover up-to-the-minute news on the Marcello Lucero murder and other important immigration headlines, on our website www.longislandwins.com. For a recap of Long Island Wins’ coverage so far , click here.

In a week filled with such an awful crime against an innocent person because of the color of his skin, it is hard to remember that we just elected our first African-American President, Barack Obama. Below you will find links to some of our Election and other news coverage from last weeks blog.

We ask all our readers to please come and show your support Friday night at 7pm for Marcello Lucero’s family and the Latino community. We need to come together in this time of tragedy and build a stronger voice against hate.


The Long Island WINS Team

News from

www.longislandwins.com :

The day after Election Day LI Wins attended a rally in front of the Suffolk Legislature organized by unions in Suffolk County. This blog opens with the question: “Is it me or does it seem as if Steve Levy needs a scapegoat for all of Suffolk County’s problems?” Little did we know how telling that question would become just days later with the bitter chilling Latinos are feeling in Suffolk. For full coverage read here: http://www.longislandwins.com/blog/in_the_news/unions_have_enough_of_steve_le.php.

Also in exit polling released by America’s Voice, they found that 67% of Latin American immigrant voters believed that discrimination against Hispanics has increased. Little did we know how true that statistic was. Read more here: http://www.longislandwins.com/blog/in_the_news/67_of_latin_american_immigrant.php.

In a sign of hope, a blog about how Jim Staudenraus, a prominent anti-immigrant activist from Suffolk County, lost his bid for the NY Assembly in the First District: http://www.longislandwins.com/blog/in_the_news/jim_staudenraus_defeated.php.

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  1. Please give my deepest sympathy to the family of Marcello Lucero.

  2. KW: Ruth, thank you so much for leaving a reply here. I am not sure that the Lucero family will find comments on our blog. Though, I know that the people at LI Wins have been in contact and are going to the vigils where the family is. I will repost your comment on their blog where it is more likely to be seen by the family.

    Also, if other people would like to leave messages for the family of Marcello Lucero, here is the space to go to at LI Wins where they are collecting comments:


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