New blog: Free Al Zaidi

For people who support Muntadhar Al-Zaidi and his anti-war message:

A new blog was added to the internet universe recently. I hope to check it out more. Though, for what it is worth, here it is: Free Al Zaidi. It says that it was started by ex-patriate journalists to support the message of Al-Zaidi who wants George Bush held responsible for the deaths of widows and orphans in the illegal war and immoral occupation or Iraq.

They have a neat graphic of the silhouette of throwing the shoe, and on the other side a portrait of Al Zaidi. You can purchase items for sale at “Zazzle”, which looks like a do-it-yourself-Cafe-Press-style-site.

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  1. Are there any campaigns going on to pressure the government of Iraq and let them know decent Americans want Al-Zeidi to go free and that we are horrified at their abuse of human rights?

    • I am trying to find a group that is doing that. If you hear of one, let me know. I don’t think I belong to any group that has the resources to be a starting point. But, if someone else has a plan, I will try to pull some people along…Thanks for asking.

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