Praise for a protector of the Long Island Sound

From the Hartford Advocate:

Sound protectors: Lots of environmental groups have the law behind them. Not as many have lawyers, which makes Connecticut Fund for the Environment and its Save the Sound program unique among the state’s eco-watchdogs. When CFE threatens to sue, you better believe they can — and will — if they have to. Roger Reynolds (left) did just that (threatened to sue under the Clean Water Act) to force owners of the Millstone nuclear power plant in Waterford to agree to a timeline for upgrading their reactor cooling system, which kills billions of fish and fish eggs when sucking water from Long Island Sound. Reynolds, a senior attorney with CFE, and Soundkeeper’s Terry Backer (right) brokered a deal with Millstone owner Dominion last September that will eventually end a decade of delay and likely force Millstone to install a more eco-friendly cooling system.

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