Inauguration Day: Alice Walker and Amy Goodman comment on Democracy Now!

Okay, I think I am somewhat grassroots to have been watching the events on C-Span, which is an organization that the government caused the cable companies to set up to “give back” to Americans by providing coverage of government meetings, etc.

Though, I guess the most progressive place to watch is on “Democracy Now” on line or on WBAI 99.5FM Pacifica Radio in New York City.

Amy Goodman notes that if something happens while all the hoopla is going on, the person left to watch the wheels of government is Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

You can find thoughtful commentary, and some important opinions, as Amy Goodman and Alice Walker comment together on the unfolding Inauguration events.

Alice Walker notes that as George Bush leaves the White House: “He will not be missed.”

Amy Goodman does an oops! She refers to Michelle Obama as “The First Lady in Waiting.” Meaning, that she will momentarily be the First Lady. But, it sounded like “The first Lady-in-Waiting.” Another irony from our culture, language, and history of what women and ladies usually are…

I have to say…it is so amazing that The First Lady is an African American woman. Yeee-haaaa! No matter what else, that is cool and that is progress. (Oh, yeah, where are those girls? I am waiting for a glimpse of Sasha and Malia. Though, what’s most important is that they are safe and happy…)

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  1. Presently, in the USA, there are those who are planning to re-distribute the wealth (of the world). It would be more difficult for the Antichrist to “dominate his future victims” if he didn’t break their spirit down first. Anyone who was in military boot camp can attest to to this type of spirit breaking/mental preparing programing. Think about this very carefully. The 666 prophesied is the name, number or character of the “Beast”. It is believed that this could be a Skew like/barcode is on food cans which are scanned for a price…the scan bar is a character and can be programmed with the name of the food item and has an associated number. Think about this very carefully. Is the Antichrist with us now and is he near?

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