Inauguration Day: Former Presidents arrive

It is so interesting to have modern technology and cameras everywhere. (oh, coverage is at and at

George Bush, Sr. said out loud what should probably never be said on a day of ceremony. George Bush and Barbara Bush were walking down a hall, they stopped a moment, George Bush, Sr. looked around and said, “Where are we going?”

Oh, well. A minor flub. Still, the organizers will probably be disappointed they left people out of the loop.

George Bush, Sr. is walking with care with a cane. It was cute that Barbara Bush and George Bush, Sr. both had on purple scarves. A sign of solidarity? Or, just a couples thing.

Jimmy Carter looks very well and is walking very dignified with Mrs. Rosyln Carter at his side. (They were just introduced and walking into the viewing area.)

I saw a quick glimpse of the Clintons. Oh, Hillary will be there as a: former First Lady, current (I think?) Senator, and momentarily to be Secretary of State.  Good for her.

[KW- I missed the Clintons entering the viewing area. Were they announced? Did they go in together? If someone knows, please post some info in a comment. Many thanks.]

(at 11:21 C-Span cuts out for me for a bit. My computer? Glitch? Overloaded server?)

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    And they allow me to snag a picture of the new Limo the day after cool!!!!

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