Obama children did not go to church service

[This is odds and ends coverage from live blogging about the Inauguration…]

The Obama children – Sasha and Malia – did not go to the Inauguration Day Prayer Service/Church Service. I was wondering if they were in a different car or had gone with relatives. At their age, many young people would not go to church, but Sunday School, anyway. It might be difficult to sit still that long on an exciting day.

I guess that maybe C-Span gets hints about what is going on. And, C-Span now says the girls probably slept in.

My imaginary scene (based on my own experience) would be that the reason they were late is cajoling or rushing one or both of the girls to get ready for church.

Though, it may have been planned in advance for them to sit this one out. It will be a long day. Events from 8:25am into evening, having to be “on display”, so there may have been a plan to not have the girls all day.

Michelle Obama’s mother is going to be helping care for the girls. So, maybe she is home watching them.

Next I will post the day’s schedule for those who are interested. Then, I can take a break until around 10am when they have coffee at the White House with the Bushes.

C-Span is talking about St. John’s Church. St. John’s describes itself as a historic, protestant, Episcopal church. Many presidents have attended church there.

C-Span says they could have walked from Blair House to church, but did not for security. That was a lot of wasted gas and smog for a short trip across Lafayette Square. Oh, well. Gotta keep them safe on this profound day.

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