The Obama’s go from house to car

I have to admit, I only saw a flash. Have to figure out a better system.

Michelle Obama is wearing a buttery yellow. Very elegant. Colorful but not showy. [Update at 11:03am: Hmmm…I am seeing more images of Michelle Obama’s outfit. I think it is more gold than yellow, and that it has sparkle. Maybe that is a little much. Still, a big day for her. I am going to see if any fashion sites have comments.]

Barack Obama walked her to her side of the car, like a gentlemen would do. But, it was somewhat funny, because he wasn’t needed with all the security and assistants. He may have to learn new habits and manners to be cordial while the world attends to his family like royalty.

It is funny to have sirens – blue and red flashes of light on the cars around you, on the way to church.

They are getting out. Michelle looks beautiful. She is in monotone yellow, with a nice jacket.

The clergyman meets them at the church door. Hey, I only ever got met at the church door by the ushers.

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