Ocassional Live Comments on the Inauguration Events

from Kimberly:

As I am home today, I will do some live blogging of the events of the day. I come to this from being a green who is somewhat sceptical of Obama’s platform; an environmentalist, an activist (who is interested in seeing if there are any demonstrators, ie: for peace in Afghanistan or peace in Gaza); and someone who is newly interested in political fashion. I will also say that I am interested in watching how the Obama children – Sasha 7 and Malia 10 – will respond to the exciting events of the day.

My first comments, as I watch and wait on C-span.org as the Obama’s run late for church (just like my family used to do!):

At Blair House, waiting to go to the Prayer Service:

The car that they will go in is running with the motor on. Probably for about 15 minutes or more now. Bad for the environment. Bad for the people standing around.

Obama’s half sister and daughter walk through smog of running car. People should be taught more about protection from the pollution among cars. We take them for granted.

Men in suits wait by smog of running car

What is it about a prayer service?

When there are so many religion represented? Does the prayer
service really mean “a moment of reflection and slowing down?” “A moment to feel connected to the universe?”
“a moment to be in touch with a God of all the universe who has many names?”

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