Bronx Green party faults State and City Elected Officials for MTA Crisis


Green Party of New York State Committee members from Bronx County will appear at the MTA Fare Increase hearing at Lehman College today.

“The crushing MTA ‘doomsday’ budget is squarely the fault of our elected officials for failing to do anything to help their constituents” said Lukas Herbert, a Green Party official from the South Bronx. “People, like State Senator Reuben Diaz, have held the State Legislature hostage while they attempt power grabs over things like preventing gay marriage – all while the economy goes down the drain.  Why aren’t they dealing with this MTA crisis? Are things like gay marriage more important to their constituents than keeping subway and bus fares affordable? It’s already February and the State Senate hasn’t even passed one bill yet.”

The Green Party hopes to point out that many of the politicians who have ignored the MTA problem have run on the ballot on the Democratic, Republican and Conservative Lines. “This has got to stop,” said Herbert. “We need good and honest people on the ballot – and the Green Party is ready to win back ballot status, and give New Yorkers a real choice when they go to vote through more candidates for local offices.”

Carl Lundgren, the Bronx County Green Party Chairman noted “the Green Party has already been active on a number of issues that matter to the people of the Bronx – issues that many Democratic office holders have ignored. We have been active in the fight against artificial turf in our parks, as well as the fight against the use of parkland for the new Yankee Stadium and the Water Filtration Plant in Van Cortlandt Park. We have also been active in providing better nutritional and health programs in the South Bronx. Now we’re here to help support lower MTA fares for working people. Our priorities are clear – helping people and helping the community.”

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