Justice Scalia scolds a college student

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(excerpt from) Law.com
Scalia Scolds Student for ‘Nasty, Impolite Question’
by Tony Mauro 02-05-2009

Where others fear to tread, a 20-year-old college student from Tequesta, Fla., boldly stepped forward Tuesday to ask Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia a question he did not like during a public appearance in West Palm Beach. “That’s a nasty, impolite question,” said Scalia, himself an expert on tough questioning, and he at first refused to answer it…

…Sarah Jeck, [is] the Florida Atlantic University honors college junior who incurred Scalia’s wrath…

So what did Sarah Jeck ask that caused the volatile justice to erupt? According to her own notes and this account in Wednesday’s Sun-Sentinel, Jeck asked whether the rationale for Scalia’s well-known opposition to cameras in the Supreme Court was “vitiated” by the facts that the Court allows public visitors to view arguments and releases full argument transcripts to the public, and that justices go out on book tours…

Professor Martin Sweet, Jeck’s professor and pre-law adviser, told us Wednesday he is “incredibly proud” of her questioning and demeanor. “It was certainly a pointed question, but not designed to be impolite or nasty,” said Sweet, a Supreme Court scholar in his own right. “The point of learning is not to stroke somebody’s ego.”

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