Nader and Romanelli travails in Pennsylvania update

This story touches on prospects of the Nader case in Pennsylvania.

The courts in Pennsylvania used challenges to Nader’s petitions (and, separately, to Carl Romanelli’s petitions) to not only kick those candidates off the ballot, but to then “punish” them, by having to pay the lawyer’s fees for the other side. The other side were people connected to the Democratic Party, and it was later discovered and proved that the Democratic Party had done illegal things to win, such as having government employees help with the challenge to the petitions.

Another case before the Supreme Court is now suggesting that people (such as Nader and Romanelli, though this is on another case) should be protected if their opponents in a lawsuit have given campaign contributions to the judge hearing the case.

The story, and the link to the transcript are over at Ballot Access News: here. Ballot Access News is closely monitoring this situation, as their central mission involved ballot access and ballot access laws.

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