Green Party calls for real withdrawal from Iraq by bringing everyone home

Green Party welcomes news of troop withdrawal from Iraq, urges further steps for peace Green Party leaders welcomed the news of the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq by the end of December, calling the presidential order more than eight years overdue.  Greens urged President Obama to let the troops come home to be with […]

Nader Pissed About Getting Kicked Off 2004 PA Ballot? He’s Not Alone

(excerpt from) Philly Now Nader Pissed About Getting Kicked Off 2004 PA Ballot? He’s Not Alone Jun 29, 2011 by Randy LoBasso Earlier this week Ralph Nader, that guy you liked until Bush was installed as president, made public a letter he had previously sent to Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille in 2004.* The letter […]

Green Party Live Stream (and video) Response to Obama’s SOTU Speech

Hat/Tip to Independent Political Report. Green Party LIVESTREAM: Greens discuss the speech during tonight’s broadcast, 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT Greens on solving the deficit: end the wars, cut the military budget, tax the rich. Greens on solving the health care crisis: enact Medicare For All. Greens on jobs: a ‘Green New […]

PA Green Party calls for Veon trial to address PA’s Culture of Corruption

Green Party and its 2006 US Senate candidate were the object of Bonusgate abuses Encourages deeper investigation by Attorney General and media. The Green Party of Pennsylvania has called a press conference for Monday, February 1, at noon in the lobby area outside of Courtroom 1 at the Dauphin County Courthouse. The conference is set […]

Green Party Nat’l Meeting: Friday eve update

Post meeting wrap-up with full list of Steering Committee candidates: here Roger Snyder, GP-US NC Rep for New York and Chair of the Green Party of Suffolk, is on the ground in Durham, North Carolina for the Green Party of the United States Annual National Meeting. Here are some reports from Roger: One of the […]

Update: Carl Romanelli and the petitions lawsuits in Pennsylvania

Former Green Party senatorial candidate Carl Romanelli is preparing an argument to ask the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to overturn a lower court’s ruling which incurred fee/fines on Romanelli and his lawyer when the Democratic Party challenged Romanelli’s petitions and unfairly threw him off the ballot.

Nader and Romanelli travails in Pennsylvania update

This story touches on prospects of the Nader case in Pennsylvania. The courts in Pennsylvania used challenges to Nader’s petitions (and, separately, to Carl Romanelli’s petitions) to not only kick those candidates off the ballot, but to then “punish” them, by having to pay the lawyer’s fees for the other side. The other side were […]

Nader: Heavy cost of running a third party candidate in Pennsylvania

[So, there is a group of us on-line who really care about third party and ballot access issues. So, this post is via Independent Political Report, who got it via Ballot Access News. And, now, it’s here…] (excerpt from) Philadelphia Inquirer Heavy costs of a run by a third party in Pennsylvania. But 2 challenges […]

Laws governing ballot access scandalous

[the comments about the Democratic and Republican parties could easily be applied to NY, as could the solution. -ISW] Democrats and Republicans in Harrisburg [Pennsylvania] have, for all practical purposes, merged into one party – the incumbent party – and find it in their mutual best interest to prevent others from competing in general elections. […]

Green Party candidates to watch on Election Day ’07

[The press release below is a modified press release from the national Green Party. But, please, if you are in Suffolk County, do not forget to write in “Ahmad Ali Mitchel-El” for Suffolk County Executive. More info at] The Green Party is off and running with candidates for public office in races throughout the […]