Election officials in Kentucky caught cheating on electronic voting machines

Another good reason not to have voting machines with no paper trails. Another good reason for independent and third party activists to spend time pollwatching on election day, and observing the recanvass after election day:

from Ballot Access News
County Election Officials in Kentucky Arrested for Allegedly Fraudulently Changing Votes on Vote-Counting Machine
March 19th, 2009

On March 19, several Clay County officials were arrested and charged with various federal crimes involving elections and election returns. Among those arrested were the Circuit Court Judge and the County Clerk. See this story from Bradblog. According to Bradblog, Clay County uses ES&S iVotronic vote-counting machines, which leave no paper trail.

Some of those arrested are Democrats, and some are Republicans. Clay County in November 2008 voted McCain 5,710; Obama 1,552; Nader 54; Barr 26; Baldwin 22.

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