Early reports of third party moves in Minnesota

Neat observations over at the comments section on Independent Political Report:

Mike Cavlan, former Green Party activist, who left, and is working with the Peace and Freedom Party, wrote that there are new efforts in Minnesota to start a chapter of the Peace and Freedom Party.

Excerpts from his comments…

…However, what I did do today was sit on a panel on how to build an effective organized electoral opposition to the two wings of the war machine.

Sitting on the panel was myself, former green candidate for US Senate and Ken Pentel former green party candidate for Governor. Also present was Pam Ellison former independence party candidate for governor in Minnesota. Also present was a lot of other activists.

It was a wonderful, happy and productive meeting. I put forward the proposal of starting up a chapter of the Peace and Freedom party.

When asked why we were no longer working with the GP, we told the people there the truth.

I will do a full report on this meeting very soon…

Remember Minneapolis will have IRV in the next election 2009 and St paul has IRV on the ballot here.

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