Today, Sunday, April 5th, 2009…Spring has come to Long Island

Spring has come to Long Island

There are small crowds of people at Robert Moses beach. Some families. Some couples. Young men flying kites.

Even though the water is too cold to swim, everyone knew it was time to stand by the waves and wish. And, the local government knew they could put a young person at the booth again to extract the $6 fee for parking. (She did say sorry.)

Everywhere you go, today, something called out Spring. A long line of cars parked half on sidewalks along the road to Gardiner’s Park, where the playground is alive with giggles. On the highway, motorcycles of every color and shape, are being taken for a mandatory spin. So many bird calls you could never keep up. Two carnivals in the parking lots of two very big malls.

Everyone is driving with their window down. As I step into the apartment, I hear screeching music from a car speeding by, “Got a fever of a hundred and three…”, the song they played on the jukebox at the old block parties.

More photos at bottom…

Wrote this poem after a very long day of adventures with my nephew. We took him for his annual birthday sleep-over. Today we thought of bringing him to the Fire Island lighthouse, so he could enjoy some nature scenes, and perhaps get a photograph of some deer. He is very excited about using his digital camera. For the record, we saw three deer together on the road to Parking Lot 5, and he got pictures of their butts. We were impressed that he made the whole trip on the boardwalk all the way to the lighthouse. We all had a great time.  – KW

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