Strange robo-call about Tea Parties

KW: At the “read more” is the text of the message. First, I will share my opinion on the Tea Parties…

I admire any time a citizen makes a non-violent effort to communicate with and petition government. For many years, the War Resisters League and other peace folks have had similar demonstrations on tax day to assert that our tax money should not be used for unjust wars.

I disagree with a lot of the issues presented in the 2009 Tea Parties. But, I do think that the bailouts were wrong, our government doles out too much corporate welfare, and that we should have less taxes (but that fair taxation could do more if the system was just.) And, I think that some third party folks like the Libertarians and Constitution Party started the Tea Parties, but Republicans and right-wing lobbyists tried to co-opt the message.

That said, I got the oddest phonecall at my home yesterday or the day before (well after Tea Party day on April 15, 2009). I wonder how many other people received this call. Please consider commenting and telling what state you are from.

This call did not say who it came from. It did not give a web-site or address. It was a recorded message. And, the only action it gave was to pay attention.

This was the approximate text:

“Americans…are you aware of the Tea Parties as a sign of what Americans are thinking about government? Americans, please…take notice today.”

And, then it hung up.

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  1. “third party folks like the Libertarians and Constitution Party started the Tea Parties, but Republicans and right-wing lobbyists tried to co-opt the message.” I think you are absolutely right on this score, but in addition, not only did the Republicans try to co-opt the message, they were also helped along by Democrats who tried to tie the protests into the Republican machine in order to discredit the movement, as I’ve been trying to show at poli-tea party.

    The robocall definitely sounds weird. Strangely, not getting such calls is one of the things I miss about not having a landline.

    • d.eris,

      Thanks for your comments and insight.

      Yes. I think you are correct that some Democratic leaders and others on the left tried to dismiss the Tea Party and blame it all on Republicans who dislike Obama or something. And, it frighteningly allowed our entrenched government to try to characterize some people on the right as wild, demonstrators, too, which feeds into local law enforcement profiling of Ron Paul supporters, etc.

      So, as usual, the oligarchy and the two-party duopoly act without scruples or reality to try to create the picture they want, “The Democrats and Republicans are two very different political camps, who rightly argue back and forth for the seat of power. And, whichever team you are on, you should scorn the other team. But, also be afraid of anyone who is an activist, third party person, or a little different.”

      Yeah, the whole discourse in the mainstream press about the Tea Parties was horrible and frightening. And, far too many idealists and activists on the left and right fell right into the trap.

  2. Yeah, Americans think the government sucks. how’s that.

  3. Got the same call today 5-12. I live in West Michigan, who knows what they’re doing?

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